Want to watch the AMVs here on your TV? You can download the DVD ISOs of the AMVs here to burn on a disc and play them!

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Castor Troy AMV Collection: 2002-2013

All of my AMVs that have been around AMV contests and Multi Editor Project segments from 2002-2013 all available to watch on your big screen along with some never before seen surprises!

Download DVD ISO from archive.org

NOTE: Requires a Dual-Layer DVD Disc (8.5 GB) and use the mds file to burn the disc.

3G Kai Castor Box DVDs

Remastered versions of all the Vegeta Insane/Ginga GIRI GIRI AMVs from 1999-2001 now re-done in Dragon Box quality!

Download the ISO files from archive.org

DBZ AMVs, Parodies, and More.