If you have a question about the site, here’s where you’ll find the answers. Please read this before sending me an email. Thanks!

Q: Why did you decide to come back and where have you been for the past 8 years?

A: For details, read my “Yo! Castor and his friends return to the DBZ web” article. Long story short, I kinda missed being around and with more affordable hosting, a much smaller and relaxed community, and a renewed love of DBZ, I decided to make my comeback. I’ve spent the past 8 years working on other sites like Spirit Detective and making anime music videos. I currently work in the film industry as an editor, writer, producer, and director, along with some other side work.

Q: How do you make the music videos and all of the effects used in them?

A: For the past decade, this has still been my most asked question, even after my retirement. I use Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop for all my video work. More tutorials can be found on animemusicvideos.org.

Q: Where can I see all your old classic videos?

A: Just head on over to the 3G Classics section for all the videos I did back from 1999-2001 which are the first 46 videos I did.

Q: Will you remake (insert classic video here) with dvd footage?

A: Yes, all of my classic videos have now been remade under the Castor Box!

Q: Why are you using other video services and not YouTube for the streaming videos?

A: Because TOEI Animation and FUNimation are going on a copyright infringement binge and are deleting videos with their content. I was sick of having my videos removed and my account deleted, so I moved them to other video services like vimeo and haven’t had problems since.

Q: How can I download and play the videos?

A: Sign up for a free account on animemusicvideos.org. Most computers should be able to play the older videos, but I would recommend VLC media player for some of the newer ones.

Q: What is dragonball.org, Bust a cap in yo ass productions, Random Destination, etc that are in your videos?

A: Long story, but I’ll explain the best I can.. I went through alot of “productions” while making videos and here are the list of them.
Vegeta Insane Productions: For my old Vegeta Insane site.
3G Productions: For the old 3G site.
dragonball.org: I made 3 videos for the opening of my old friend Skitz Zero’s site, dragonball.org. But it closed down in less than a year.
Bust a cap in yo ass productions: A studio made by my friend Ikasu and I back in 2002-2003, but Ikasu retired from videos in 2003, so this only lasted for a year :(.
Random Destination Studios: The current studio I’m in. I wanted to be part of a group after being alone for so long and was lucky my friends in RDS decided to have me onboard. All of my future videos will be done under this name.

Q: You have a video called “Just Communication 3”, where are parts 1 and 2?

A: This is pretty confusing, but here’s the whole story. Back in 1999, firey (the webmaster of Orange Star High) made 2 Just Communication videos. Both DBZ featuring Two Mix’s “Just Communication”. The first one was done with the original version and the 2nd was done with the remixed version called “Just Communication 2”. In 2000, I decided to make a 3rd one with “Just Communication Groove Your Soul Remix”. I don’t have the original 2 videos firey made anymore, but if anyone does, please contact me!

Q: Do your old planetnamek, cvgnet, sites and TroyCas@aol.com email still work?

A: Nope. Only thing that works now is vegetainsane@hotmail.com. Hasn’t changed since 1999.

Q: Do you keep in contact with some of the old DBZ webmasters anymore?

A: The only people I keep in contact with nowadays are the Kanzenshuu crowd. Everyone else has kind of gone their own way.

Q: What are your affiliations with Channel Awesome and Team Four Star?

A: I produce and star in many videos under my webshow, Battle Geek Plus which is also part of Channel Awesome, home of the Nostalgia Critic. I’m friends with the Team Four Star crew and have appeared in their Mustache video.

Q: Do you still watch DBZ? Are you watching DB Super?

A: Not alot, but sometimes on occasion. Over the years I’ve been gone, I now own all 42 volumes of the Viz manga and every single episode/movie/special. I watch DB Super when I get a chance.

Q: I have problems with the games, can you help?

A: Sorry, I only made the Attack of the Saiya-Jin RPG game and the readme file already covers everything you need to know. The other games were made by OO7 and Jon Allen who are long gone from the DBZ web.

Q: Can I add you to my twitter, facebook, aim, etc?

A: Feel free to add my twitter, since it’s the best way to chat with me.

Q: Do you still have the old layouts and content?

A: I have quite a bit of it, but not everything. I may put some of it back online, but alot of it is pretty uninteresting like screen caps and movie clips which you can find anywhere else.

Q: Where does the name “Castor Troy” come from?

A: From the movie Face/Off. I’ve been using it since 1997. There are a lot of gamers who use the name, but don’t believe those posers, I’m the real deal. 😛

Q: How often will the site be updated? What can we expect in the future?

A: I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll update when I can, but don’t expect alot like the old days.