Category: AMV

81. Naruto Ball Z Shippuden – Heroes Come Back download

Video: Dragon Ball Z and Naruto Shippuden
Audio: The Biggest Fight by Kageyama Hironobu

80. Anime Expo 2011 AMV Chef – Saccharine KOMBAT! download

Video: Various
Audio: Mortal Kombat Theme by the Utah Saints

#79. Resident Evil 5 – Reloaded download

Video: Resident Evil 5
Audio: Various Matrix Songs by Various Artists

#78. Dragonball Evolution: The AMV Based on the Movie download

Video: Dragonball and Dragonball Evolution
Audio: Rule by Ayumi Hamasaki

#77. VG5 – Saiyan of the Colossus download

Video: DBZ
Audio: Various Shadow of the Colossus songs by Kow Ootani

#76. VG5 – Snatcher download

Video: Cowboy Bebop
Audio: Twilight in Neo Kobe City by Konami Kukeiha Club

#75. VG5 – Trauma Center: Under the Anime 2 download

Video: Various
Audio: Various Trauma Center 2 Songs by Manabu Namiki

#74. Reunion download

Video: DBZ
Audio: Plenty of Grit by Megumi Hayashibara

#73. Go the distance download

Video: Hajime no Ippo
Audio: Gonna fly now John X Remix by Bill Conti

#72. VG4 – Double Dragon 2: Mean streak on Main Street

Video: Rush Hour 1 and 2
Audio: Mean streak on main street by Protricity

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