In this age of social media where people don’t visit as many sites anymore, I recommend checking out dbzfigures.com for all your DBZ Figure needs!

Dragonball Pic of the Day Twitter Account

Hey everyone, I’m running another twitter account focused on posting the best and funniest Dragonball pictures. Give it a follow @Dragonball_POTD!

Embed links down

Alot of the embed links for alot of the music videos are down right now. I’ll try to get them fixed soon.

Naruto Ball Z at Anime Expo 2016!

If you’re going to Anime Expo 2016, my classic Naruto Ball Z video will be playing during the AX 2006 AMV Contest Reshowing! Watch it with a crowd on the big screen one more time!

Team Four Star Mustache Video

This was published a while ago, but I appear very briefly in Team Four Star’s Mustache video along with alot of other internet celebrities!

I’m on the DBZ Resurrection F Extras!

Hey everyone! I appear on the DBZ Resurrection F Extras on both the US and Japanese Blu Ray sets! Buy them now! 🙂


New 3G Kai YouTube Channel!

Hey everyone, I’ve re-uploaded all of my classic music videos and the Big Green videos to the new 3G Kai Youtube Channel!

Click here to check it out!

DBZ: Resurrection F Hollywood Premiere Coverage!

Hey everyone, I went out to Hollywood to cover the Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F Premiere. Check it out!

Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Magazine!

Check out my contribution about DBZ fan sites on Kanzenshuu’s Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Magazine!

Click here to view!

All the Big Green Movies are back up!

All the Big Green Movies are back up!