VeGeTa InSaNe!!!
Name: VeGeTa InSaNe!!!
Reviewed: April 1999

The Good: As you may infer from the page's title, VeGeTa InSaNe!!! will not be your run of the mill DB page. The page is very enthusiastic on it's commitment to Dragonball, and more importantly, to the Saiya-jin Prince, Vegeta. First off, you'll notice a nice collection of original Vegeta pictures scattered throughout the page, as well as in the Images section (many of which are screen caps both edited and unedited). What I found very interesting was VeGeTa InSaNe!!!'s commitment to fan works and fan participation. In the WAVs section, you'll not only find sound bytes of Japanese and American voice actors Ryo Horikawa and Brian Drummond, but fan WAVs as well (which prove very....interesting at times ^_^). In the "Vegeta vs..." section, fans get to write in imaginary battles with Vegeta, often with hilarious outcomes (the site maintainer picks and chooses the best ones to post, and even with this fact, there are countless entries). The page does well to keep this light and humorous tone throughout its sections, which I must admit, can be very trying.

The Bad: Though navigation system is pretty simple, and easy to use. Though some may say the left sidebar is cliche, hey, it works. My problem with it is the shade of blue that was chosen. Try something darker, but if you want a lighter color, I'd have to suggest pastels then. Right now, the neon blue is hurting my eyes a bit after prolonged exposure (not a good thing for constant visitors =P).

The Ugly: Though I love most of the humor on the page, it does get pretty cheesy at times. The jokes offered via the Song Parodies and Comedy Night just weren't my cup of tea, but that's not to say that you won't enjoy it. HTML wise, the text gets a bit small at times when it is unnecessary.

Final Judgement: Well, the site is updated regularly, always a plus, and the site is easy to navigate, more brownie points. To put it simply, its a great dedication to Vegeta.

Rating:___3 heads