Welcome to the misc section. Here I’ll be putting up any other related things to the site that don’t belong in any other section.

Classic Site Reviews

Some classic reviews of Vegeta Insane/Ginga GIRI GIRI from back in the day. If anyone can find more, contact me!

Dr. Gero’s Lab Review – April 1999

Hilarious Planet Z Review

Daizenshuu EX Podcast Appearances

I’ve made a few appearances on the Daizenshuu EX Podcast. If you’re curious to hear my voice and interviews, you can do so here. I’ve appeared on the following podcasts:

Interview about Vegeta Insane/Ginga GIRI GIRI:
Episode #0010 — Week of 22 January 2006

Naruto Ball Z AMV at Otakon 2006:
Episode #0038 — Week of 13 August 2006

Jump Ultimate Stars Review:
Episode #0062 — Week of 28 January 2007