The classic games that were once hosted on the site are all back as you remember them. Hope you enjoy re-living the memories!

Fight Games

The classic “Pick your own adventure” fight games are now back in full form. Will you be able to make the right decisions as the Z warriors face off against the villains? If you die, you can always click the back button on your browser! Created by OO7-Sama.

Games open in a new window. May contain disturbing content and hilarious violence 😛

Fight Freeza

Fight Brolly

Fight Cell

Fight Majin Vegeta

Fight Freeza (Flash Version)

Attack of the Saiya-Jin

The classic RPG, now updated to work on current computers! Made with OHRRPGCE. Graphics, dialogue , and coding all done by myself.

Download (1 MB)

Unzip the game to any directory you wish and open any of the “VEGETA” files to play.

Dealings of Dragon Ball: The Final Decision

A hilarious RPG made back when FUNimation was the “Evil Empire”. Will Jon Allen, Skitz Zero, and VegettoEX be able to stop FUNimation from ruining Dragon Ball? Created by Jon Allen with RPG Maker.

Download (5.9 MB)

Unzip the game to any directory and open “game” to play.