For most of the newcomers: If you’re wondering what this site is or who I am, and why I used to be well known back in the day, then here’s the history of how this all began…

Back in the fall of 1998, as a 17 year old high school senior, I became a fan of DBZ back when it started airing on Cartoon Network. I was already aware of the show through the old Electronic Gaming Monthly issues and I caught a few episodes when the dub was first in syndication. I didn’t exactly become a fan until the show aired on Cartoon Network and that’s how everything started.

Following my inspirations such as VegettoEX’s Home Page (Daizenshuu EX now), Temple O Trunks, and DBZ Uncensored, I set out to make a DBZ page hoping to become like my idols. My first attempt was “Piccolo’s Boot Camp” which I dumped after a month and “The DBZ Sound Studio” which I also dumped pretty fast. After 2 site failures, I got inspiration to make Vegeta Insane and finished it within 5 days, opening it on January 1999.

It was mostly a humor site focused on Vegeta with some pretty lame jokes, song parodies, fan fiction, images, etc. However, it became a hit among DBZ fans and in the summer of 2000, I got a bit tired of focusing on Vegeta, so I changed the site’s name to Ginga GIRI GIRI which was part of DBZ Movie 9’s title and it means “The galaxy is in danger!”.

Vegeta Insane was integrated as a shrine on Ginga GIRI GIRI and my focus started shifting from humor to media. My staff and I were busy making movie clips and music videos which ended up killing the bandwidth on any server that we were hosted on thanks to the dot-com collapse of 2000.

Throughout most of 2001, we literally struggled to find and secure decent hosting for the site and even resorted to having to pay for a server ourselves. In 2002, it was final straw when we were booted off our own server with nowhere else to go. After all of our server troubles and already getting burnt out on DBZ, I made the decision to finally close down the site in the summer of 2002.

My former staff and I parted ways, but I still kept tabs on the latest DBZ related news. I got a job working on the now-dead Spirit Detective Yu Yu Hakusho site and was active in the anime music video community. Even though I was gone from the DBZ web, I still remained an active fan of the series from the sidelines.

Now with the resurgence of DBZ and new things like DB Kai, The Jump Special, and the Dragon Boxes, I decided to finally make my comeback to a much smaller and more relaxed community. While the site is much smaller than it used to be, I still hope to bring the same level of entertainment I’ve done in the past to both old and new audiences.

It’s good to be back. 🙂