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Team Four Star Mustache Video

This was published a while ago, but I appear very briefly in Team Four Star’s Mustache video along with alot of other internet celebrities!

Dragon Ball Z in IMAX

I show you the greatness of Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods in IMAX!!!

Everyone’s favorite TV Show… Piccolo at the Mall!

Brought to you by the genius of Jon Allen!

3G Kai Promo Videos

3G Kai Trailer

3G Kai Opening Video

Other Videos

Here are some of the other videos I’ve done that aren’t music videos. If I can find more, I’ll add them.

The “Plan to destroy the Super Saiyans” OVA from DB Raging Blast 2 portrays Freeza and Coola with some not so intentional innuendo…

The Dragon Boxes are Limited
FUNimation just announced that the Dragon Boxes will be a limited release. Oh, the humanity!

Jon Allen as Bruce Faulconergaki
Bruce Faulconer does what it takes to get into composing Dragon Ball GT. Will Yusuke be able to stop him?

Jon Allen as the Pink Hat Guy
Jon Allen’s legendary appearance on DBZ!

DBZ Hummer Tour 2003 San Diego Highlights
Funny highlights from the DBZ Hummer Tour in 2003 starring Jon Allen, Kyle Hebert, Josh Martin…and Webster..