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Kanzentai April Fools Joke 2010

Before April Fools Day, Hujio over from Kanzentai contacted me and asked if he could use my old layout for an April Fools joke. I knew it would make a great joke, so I instantly complied, but little did he actually know…

I was planning a real return. 😉

I registered the domain around March 25 or so and started working on the page since then. The reception to the joke was very well received and had people feeling nostalgic for the site again. Kind of a funny coincidence that I planned on starting up the site again and Hujio brings it back as a joke. 😛

But now I’m back for good, and here’s the Kanzentai’s April Fools Joke again if you missed it and the Daizenshuu EX forum post.

Yo! Castor and his friends return to the DBZ web!

So where have I been for the past 8 years? Well, it’s time to tell the story…

8 years ago, in 2002.

I remember coming home from class one day to find out that the site had been suspended for exceeding bandwidth (gee, what a surprise there..) for the umpteenth time. Usually, when this would happen, OO7 and I would just jump ship to another server and begin our reign of terror again…

But things weren’t that simple anymore.

Every single host we contacted literally said that they couldn’t host us anymore. One of our friends even contacted his friend who was a server owner and when he found out that we were requesting hosting, the server owner ran for the hills and was never seen again. Things were THAT bad. The early 2000’s was a terrible time to have a DBZ site.

Our final server hosting us back in 2002 was literally being paid out of OO7’s pocket for about $300 a month. OO7 was sure he could pay it off, but we exceeded bandwidth in less than a month and our incompetent host wouldn’t even support us for a server THAT WE WERE PAYING FOR. That was the final straw. It was so painful to come to the decision that we had to close the site. Planet Namek had closed it’s doors several months prior and we never thought we would end up following afterwards.

We finally shut our doors in the summer of 2002. It was a feeling of both sadness and relief. I was sad to leave the community that I loved so much, but it was a relief to finally be let go of a huge burden. OO7 and the rest of the 3G staff all parted ways and we all went on with our lives. The massive amount of support emails I got after the site closing was incredible and I was glad to have entertained fans for over 3 years.

Months later, I found work again on Spirit Detective, a Yu Yu Hakusho site. I was becoming really obsessed with Yu Yu Hakusho and it was nice to finally be working for someone else rather than being the main boss. Also around this time, I was starting to get more involved with the Anime Music Video community. I was also beginning to travel to more anime conventions around the country and participating in AMV contests. It was great winning awards, being on amv panels, and meeting new people. I felt like I was being treated like a rock star. It was even more surreal to finally meet fans in person, especially ones who still remembered my site. I got to meet VegettoEX and Meri for the first time at AWA 2004. I also got to meet Ryo Horikawa, the Japanese voice of Vegeta at Anime Expo 2005! I was finally going out and seeing the world.

In 2004, Spirit Detective finally closed it’s doors and I was back to being on my own again. A few years later, I had finally graduated college and achieved my dream of working in the film industry. I had always remained a DBZ fan and still kept tabs on everything from the Dragon Boxes, Ultimate Uncuts, Season Sets, DB Evolution, DB Kai, the Jump Special, etc. Throughout the years, I was finally filling in the gaps of my DBZ dvd collection and had finally attained the entire series. It felt good being a fan on the sidelines and not in the limelight once again… until..

One day I was talking to Skitz Zero (former webmaster of DBZ: The Third Season) who I still keep in touch with regularly and he mentioned if I ever thought of making a comeback. The thought kinda lingered in my head for a while, but I felt if I did come back, it would be for the wrong reasons. Would I try to make some cheap comeback in order to re-live my “glory days”? What kind of original material could I offer in this day and age?

However, there were many good factors on my side. With the advent of youtube and many other free media streaming sites, I would no longer have to worry about bandwidth anymore, which was the #1 thing that killed me. The DBZ craze in America has dwindled down quite a bit, so I would be coming back to a smaller audience, not having to worry about pleasing thousands a day anymore. I’ve already made my mark years ago and wanted to come back to a more quiet and relaxed community. Plus server fees are way cheaper now and all control of the site would be in my hands instead of another host.

One really important thing that I’ve learned from working in the film industry is that your audience is everything. Thanks to the resurgence of DBZ in Japan, DB Kai, the Dragonboxes, etc, my love of DBZ was coming back in full force. I wanted to reconnect with the audience again. While I keep a livejournal and post on the Daizenshuu EX forums regularly, I still feel that I needed a bigger outlet to to express my love for DBZ. So after 8 long years, I finally decided to return to the DBZ web.

The site won’t be as big as it was many years ago, but I would like for it to be more of a personal site, just with a bit of a DBZ focus. I had a ton of staff members over the years, but this time, I’m going to be alone running a one man show. All of my classic music videos, along with all of the recent ones I’ve done are now up and streaming. I can’t promise that I’ll be updating alot, but I will have some fun stuff to show once in a while. I’m extremely busy nowadays, but I always like having projects to work on. Expect some fun and crazy stuff to come in the future.

It’s amazing that people still constantly email me about the site to this day like it was part of their childhood. Now those people are all grown up and I’ve grown up quite a bit as well. This is almost like a high school reunion for all of us.

I’ll always remember what helped me get to where I am today, and it was this DBZ site. It’s good to be back. 🙂