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Guest Video: Me, Myself and Me

Video: DBZ and Rune Soldier
Audio: It’s all about me by Sean Morey

Editor: HalOfBorg
download –

My Comments: A hilarious Mr. Satan tribute. There’s just way too many good things to say about it, so just watch it! 🙂

Guest Video: Cell Mix

Cell Mix

Video: DBZ
Audio: Meow Mix

Editor: Aluminum Studios
archived amv page – no download

My Comments: A short and funny Cell video made by one of the old school amv veterans, Aluminum Studios. There’s no editing at the beginning, but that’s there to set the mood of the video. 😛

I got the guest video out early so it won’t overtake the update I got planned for Wednesday. Stay tuned!

Guest Video: Vegeta’s Obsession

Vegeta’s Obsession

Video: DBZ
Audio: Gimme The Prize (Highlander OST) by Queen

Editor: Katsumi_AMVs
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My Comments: One of the first videos I’ve seen using the Dragon Box footage made back in 2004. I wasn’t really expecting much from it at first, but I was completely blown away to see a great Vegeta tribute made in 2004 way after most DBZ video ideas were already burned out. There’s just way too many good things to say about this video, so go check it out!

P.S. Expect an actual update next week! Sorry, I’ve been really busy.

Guest Video: Nappa Tribute

Nappa Tribute

Video: DBZ
Audio: Dragula by Rob Zombie

Editor: OzzieArcane
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My Comments: I remember hosting this video on the site back in the year 2000 or so. While there have been tons of Rob Zombie/DBZ videos made over the years, this one has always been one of my favorites. A simple tribute to Nappa that will leave you feeling nostalgic as well. 🙂

Guest Video: Dragon Ball Z – The Silent Movie

Dragon Ball Z – The Silent Movie

Video: DBZ
Audio: Various

Editor: ForeverZeroo
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My Comments: This one’s actually a pretty recent video, made at the end of 2008, but one of the funniest recent DBZ related videos I’ve seen in years. I can’t really explain much to do it justice, so go check it out!

Guest Video: Particle Man

Particle Man

Video: DB and DBZ
Song: Particle Man by They Might Be Giants

Editor: Duane Johnson
Video Description Page – No download available

My Comments: A golden oldie, made back in 1996 with 2 VCRs by veteran AMV editor Duane Johnson. A hilarious parody of the Tiny Toons They Might Be Giants videos. I did feature this back on the site a decade ago, but many people tried to pass it off as their own under different titles. I’m glad I finally learned the truth years later. Even though the quality is not the best by today’s standards, it still holds up quite well and remains a personal favorite of mine to this day.

Guest Video: Danger! Lowbrow Humor V1.00

Danger! Lowbrow Humor V1.00

Video: DBZ
Song: Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six

Editor: jbone
Download –

My Comments: I remember seeing this during the AWA 2004 Pro Contest and laughing my ass off. I was even more surprised to see it was made by my good friend jbone, who I’ve worked with on the Video Game AMV Projects. A very funny parody of the actual Electric Six music video. Check it out!